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POF (Polyolefin) Shrink Films


فیلم شرینک pof

There are another types of Shrink films which is a good choice in packaging of food and non –food products. 

This kind of films are odorless with long lasting quality and suitable in storing them in warehouses.

فیلم شرینک pof

Product features:

  Resistance to elongation

 No rupture after packing

  Lower density in Length scale

Can be produced in 5 layers

  The final length of the roll1300 m

Being Beautiful and stylish

Available in widths of 15-90  cm  and the thickness of 15-25 mic

The ability to maintain the overall appearance and quality in sub - zero temperatures

The advantages of packaging beside other innovations in this industry is really obvious to everyone

فیلم شیرینگ

Using the graphic designs, appropriate colors suitable to the product and inventions fit to the needs of the consumers and persuasion of them for buying the product is one of the main requirements of the market which is full of rivals today

Large stores which provide the needs of the families are one of the things which their number is increasing day by day with the development of urbanization and you can’t ignore the existence of them as an active element in the industry which is connected to the families and people .

The majority are the people who refer to the shops for providing their needs and in this case the companies which can persuade their customers to buy their products with special methods will be more successful .

One of these methods is packing a few products together which is really affordable for both customers and producers

Packing juices with different flavors / dairy products with low and full fat … have some advantages like: differentiating while shopping / beauty / attractive packaging / ergonomics and comfort in transporting the products .

Almas Film Azarbaycan Co. has the honor of having regard to all aspects and observing the different markets by doing a survey of the target market to provide a new method for packaging the food stuff by using shrink food grade (POF).

All the research phases / design of technical aspect and the profitability of this new method is the result of the efforts of a professional and experienced team which created an outstanding transformation in packaging industry.

فیلم شرینک پلی الفین

تولید فیلم شرینک
Thumbnail Exhibition News 23th Int'l. Pack & Print Machinery Exhibition of Iran25-28December 2016 Tehran Permanent Fairgroud
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