Food Grade Stretch Film
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This product is made of PVC with a great adhesion strength and high elasticity which has a great adherence power on nutrients and dishes in comparison to the other Similar products which are made of polyethylene.Product features:Resistancy to moist and airVivid (Clear) with vents to transfer the oxygenSoft and flexible in order to wrap easily on the materialsUsing herbal (vegetable) oils during the producing process.Healthy & Environmental Protection
Having anti fog which prevents the heat cramps and food spoilingAble to be used in 40-100 °C Available in width of 8-40 cmProduction in thickness of 8-16 mic
 Almas film is one of the main activists in packaging industry in the country which resolves the overall needs if the society beside it's own purposes . In this regard pays attention to the needs of households and small businesses and believes that an Iranian deserves the best ; produced Silver wrap in 2016 with the range of 10-300 m .and the standard thickness which is one of the other honors of  this company.